The Safety of Children is important to us.

Our procedures for Nursery through Kindergarten:

1. Every child in Nursery thru Pre/K is registered, for emergency contact info in case we need to locate you. (Registration is available in the Lobby & in Classrooms.)
2. Children are signed in at the classroom and introduced to teachers and assistants.
3. Each child receives a name badge, and a Claim Check is given to the parents, assuring that only you or those you authorize pick up your child.
4. Children are introduced to their classmates, and engaged in the lesson and play.
5. Children are signed out by the presenting parent(s) as Claim Checks are returned and verified by Teachers or Assistants.

Grade School students are:

1. registered at the CREEKIDS Table in the Lobby. 
2. Students are dismissed directly from Worship, and follow the Teacher and Assistants.
3. The class gathers in the Lobby to organize and walk together to classroom.
4. Teachers dismiss class near the end of Worship, and parents meet their children in the Courtyard or in the Lobby.

Should you have additional needs – escorting/transitioning, security precautions for your child, or should your child have allergies or special developmental needs, please see the Greeter at the CREEKIDS information table in the Lobby before Worship.