God has given us everything we have and he can be counted on for everything we will ever need. Giving back to God is an expression of gratitude and worship, and it is an act of trust and obedience.

We recognize that there are many things that people can give their money to these days, and we are so grateful for every gift--large and small--that goes towards God's mission and ministry here at the Creek. And because we recognize that we are part of something bigger, the Creek is committed to giving 10% towards regional, national, and international missions.

How can you give?

  1. Place your donation (check or cash) in the Giving Box located in the foyer on Sunday.

  2. Mail your donation to the Creek office at: 25A Crescent Drive #250, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

  3. Online Giving

*All giving is confidential. You will receive quarterly reports of your giving.

Current Financial Report:


FY 2018-2019
7.1.18 to 10.31.18
$ 81,281   Expenses
$ 62,521   Income
$-18,760   Difference


FYE 2017-2018
$ 220,238 Expenses
$ 231,878 Giving
$   11,640 Difference

FYE 2016-2017
$ 194,029    Expenses
$ 203,250    Giving
$    9,221     Difference


Phone: (925) 934-4321


Mailing Address: 
25A Crescent Drive #250
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523