The Creek is in transition! Our Pastor Search Committee has just been installed. Please keep them, and The Creek, uplifted daily. Stay connected here and watch for updates. We covet your prayers and invite your comments. Read on for a summary of the history and hopes of The Creek Covenant Church.

January 15, 2017

The Creek was started seventeen years ago in Walnut Creek, California as a church plant led by Pastor Kurt Holm.  Pastor Kurt served as a youth pastor at Hillside Covenant Church prior to starting The Creek.

 In the early years of The Creek, the congregation comprised mostly of singles and young married couples and grew over time into a family-oriented church with a strong children’s ministry. The Creek has met at various locales for Sunday worship, with a long stint at Las Lomas High School in Walnut Creek before moving into its current location at a Seventh Day Adventist church in neighboring Pleasant Hill. With Pastor Kurt’s leadership as a former youth pastor, care for vulnerable youth has been a central mission of the Creek. People and staff have come and gone, but there remains a stable and committed core of members at The Creek.

 The Creek has been described as a “small church that does big things". Though we are a relatively small congregation of twenty-five to thirty family units, God has used members of our congregation, individually and collectively, for impactive local and global Kingdom work. We are mission-oriented and have a heart for service. We are passionate about caring for the vulnerable and needy and resourcing the ministries and organizations that care for them. Many of us are engaged in regular service on a volunteer basis as mentors, fund-raisers, volunteers, board members, directors, and administrators with a number of non-profit, Christian organizations, which locally includes Points of Light in Oakland, Luxi House, Bay Area Rescue Mission, and New Day for Children. Globally, we have church members supporting Streets of Hope in Kenya, Lifesprings International in Europe, Rancho de Sus Ninŏs in Mexico, and the Engineering Ministries International.  We invite all to contribute to our different areas of ministry and rally to support each other in our areas of mission.

 Examples are numerous of how we serve the world.  In the past, our congregation has funded a well and vegetable farm to help Streets of Hope operate more sustainably. We have provided and wrapped gifts for the annual Points of Light Christmas outreach event. We have hosted semi-annual French Flea Markets to raise funds for these ministries and other causes. We have sent mission teams to serve at Rancho de Sus Ninŏs in Mexico. We have organized holiday boutiques to raise funds for New Day for Children. We have sent and prayed for our missionaries.

 Another defining characteristic of the Creek is that we are an accepting, welcoming, caring, and supporting community. A common catchphrase used in our congregation is “come as you are,” and we truly seek to live that out. We invite any and all to come in their current state to explore, to learn about God, to worship God, and to be in community with us. We are a community that cares about each other. We pray for each other and support each other in times of distress. We have a care team that provides tangible support to our members who could use a little extra help.

 With the departure of Pastor Kurt, The Creek seeks a new lead pastor to guide us boldly into the next chapter of living out God’s mission for us as The Creek congregation. We envision that this new chapter includes a structure for spiritual growth and formation, revitalized and stronger children and youth programs, pathways for greater connectedness and relationships, further focus on missions, and growing The Creek body. It could also include leading The Creek to a new, more intimate and inviting setting for Sunday worship. We are flexible. We are committed. We are open to a new vision, with shared purpose and direction anchored to God’s will - for us individually and as a church body.  We are eager to work with our new lead pastor to step into this new chapter of God’s plan for us. We are ready!

AuthorPam McGrath