Our goal in CREEKIDS is to Support parents as they teach their children about God.

We use:
Information (lessons, visuals & music)
Imitation  (play, music, discussions)
Innovation (play, discussion, dance, dramatization)

Age Appropriate Learning…


Busy, inquisitive, sometimes shy, sometimes bold. This class uses the Jesus Storytime Bible, where the message of the Messiah is woven into every story of the Old and New Testament. Jesus’ life becomes the model for our lives. Free play, Music, Story-telling, Discussion and Prayer are the core of our class. At least once every 2 months students also help with a Service project- e.g. Toiletries and food bags for the homeless, cards for the sick, gift bags to raise funds for “Streets of Hope” mission in Kenya. Class is set up for Preschool, Kinders, and early 1st graders.